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Check out this video titled "Pets Need Dental Care Too!" - Since February Is Pet Dental Health Month.


The NVMA Warns of the Perils of Anesthesia-Free Dentistry in Dogs and Cats

There is a new fad in pet care and on the surface it may sound good. But as is often the case, this fad is potentially harmful for your pets, likely illegal and misleads the public. It is called Non-anesthetic dental scaling or "standing dentals". For more information please watch this very informative video -


This cosmetic practice originated in grooming facilities and was thought abandoned years ago.  Recently, a few companies have attempted a resurgence of this practice in veterinary hospitals in California, Florida, New York, Delaware, Georgia, South Carolina and now in Nevada.


To download a copy of the NVMA's brochure on Anesthesia-Free Dentistry click here.

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Visit, which serves as a central Lyme disease resource, and features the most up-to-date information around clinical signs and symptoms, disease transmission, risk factors, environmental precautions and tick specific data and images. As the tick population increases, it’s vital that veterinarians and pet owners are educated on the Lyme disease dangers for canines.



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